Socket Testing

Lumped and Distributed Equivalent Circuits for Test Sockets
Presented at BiTS Workshop 2006
Demonstrate uses and limits of different equivalent circuit model
Place socket properties into application perspective
Interpret the significance of parameters and their variations depending on the environment a socket is placed in

Socket Life Cycle RF Testing
Presented at BiTS Workshop 2007
Examines RF contact performance after mechanical cycling; the results are surprising
Variations in RF performance throughout a test regimen of 1 million cycles with a significant number of sockets tested were explored

Tolerance Induced Test Socket RF Performance Variation
Presented at BiTS Workshop 2008
About the impact of misalignment on capacitance, inductance and other performance parameters
Examples show potentially significant impact of placement accuracy on high speed performance
Socket designs can be optimized for minimal performance change via sensitivity analysis

Probe Card Testing

Contactor Resistance Vs. Z-OD: Photo Finger™ (Winner - Best Data Presentation)
Presented at Southwest Test Workshop 2001
A few graphs contributed to a team effort
Contactor resistance, force and RF performance

Probe Card Characterization in Time and Frequency Domain
Presented at Southwest Test Workshop 2007
A look at time domain vs. frequency domain probecard RF testing with some examples about strengths and weaknesses of either

Effect of Ground Return Path on Timing Accuracy
Presented at Southwest Test Workshop 2008
Problem of ground return path with reference to timing explored
Significant contributions to timing identified and examined other than line length matching, fabrication variability, coupled sections and transitions




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