GateWave Northern offers standardized tests for test sockets as well as contacts for interconnects and interposers. Testing is performed in both frequency and time domain. A full test spectrum is available that includes the following categories:

RF test:
S-parameters, time domain signals, simulation results
Inductance and mutual inductance
Capacitance and mutual capacitance
Characteristic impedance

DC test:
Current carrying capacity
Temperature rise
Resistance as a function of displacement/force
Power dissipation

Extracted models for contacts and sockets are available using RLC models as well as transmission line model
Equivalent transmission line circuits will be provided where applicable
Complex SPICE circuits and models as well as IBIS models available upon request

Performance parameters:
The following are some of the performance parameters extracted during testing -Insertion loss
Return loss

Full test reports including S2P and S4P data files are provided. Quick assessments with parameter subsets are available for development purposes or more focused testing requirements.

Mechanical cycling:
Custom test fixtures are available that allow for mechanical cycling of contacts and sockets. Comparative measurements are performed during cycling. RF tests can be conducted at specified intervals to observe and record potential performance chances.

Signal Integrity Assessment

Subsystem Component Characterization

Test Socket Characterization
Probe Card Characterization

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